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Since 1986, Naranjas La Torre takes cares, with good dedication, of one of the tastiest and healthiest fruits of all, essential in every home. We are talking about the orange. In one of the geographic zones leader of this fruit, such as is the Valencian Community, we cultivate and choose with good care our oranges to serve them to our customers in any point of Spain, thanks to our sale of Valencian oranges online.
You will be able to buy oranges online from the comfort of your home, choosing between our wide variety like the tasty oranges for juice, a delicious orange that contains all the flavor and the vitamin supplements needed for our body.

Our oranges from Valencia come from the land of the fields where we analyze meticulously their risk methods, the water, the climatology and the experience of our farmers, because thanks to these factors, you will enjoy the buy of oranges
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We choose the proper gender, analyzing its size, color, weight and flavor, and thanks to that we are able to make our customers totally satisfied when they receive their oranges. At Naranjas la Torre the work is done in a traditional way, without using chemical treatments in our products and recollecting the oranges only when they arrive to ripeness and always respecting the environment.

Besides buying oranges online, you can buy tangerines and enjoy its exquisite flavor and its intense aroma, having the feeling of freshly taken from the tree. Enjoy the best Oranges from Valencia in just a click in our store and make delicious orange juice and desserts where the flavor of our oranges will be the main protagonist of the table.

Directly from the tree to your table, Naranjas La Torre offers the authentic flavor of the oranges, fresh and with the best quality. Forget about the supermarket oranges, without flavor, colour and without its special aroma, and choose
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The sale of quality oranges from Valencia is offered by us, demanding with our fruit and with the satisfaction of our customers. If you make an order and is not of your like, you won't have to pay it and you will be refunded after
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At Naranjas la Torre we dedicate ourselves to the sale of oranges from Valencia online, directly to your home. For our company it is essential to offer quality oranges and that is the reason why we take good care of every detail so our oranges arrive to your home as fast as possible. We have the best orange in the market and we also have a wide variety of oranges for juice and table oranges. We not only offer the best orange in the market, but we also have a wide selection of citrus fruits so our customers can enjoy.