In which days are the orders delivered?

The orders are delivered on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday.

Here we show you the delivery days depending on the day you order your oranges:


















REMEMBER: The orders performed after 2 P.M will be proccesed the next day.



IMPORTANT: In every case the oranges will take less than 24 hours from the moment they are collected to the moment you receive them at your home.

¿How much does it take for the oranges to arrive?

The transport agency picks up the order dialy, delivering them at the destination the next day. The pick-ups are done from Monday to Thursday, so the orders made on Friday, Saturday or Sunday won't be proccesed until Monday. The oranges for those orders won't be collected until that Monday so they can arrive freshly picked up from the tree to your home.
Note: The shipments to Baleares normally take 48 to 72 hours, so they will arrive 2 days after the order is done.

Why do orders on Thursday and Friday don't ship until Monday?

We don't prepare the orders received on Thursday and Friday until Monday because if we send them on Friday, they will stay all the weekend in the carrier's warehouse, and they won't arrive to your home until monday, taking the oranges three days from their gathering to their delivery.

How are the oranges prepared to be sent?
The oranges are collected from the tree just before proccesing the order. Then they are cleaned with a dry cloth and put in 10 or 15Kg cardboard boxes to recycle them, depending on the order. The box is sealed so the oranges stay fixed and then they are delivered to the transport agency.


How is the shipment done?

The shipment is prepared the same day we receive the order. When is ready, we call the transport agency so they can pick it up and deliver it to your home.

How do I pay the order?
The order can be paid using Bank Wire after receiving it and tasting its quality. In case it's not of your liking, you don't have to pay it. The other way would be using Paypal or Cash on delivery. If it was paid using these methods and the product is not of your liking, a new order will be automatically sent to your home on the next day.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?
No, the shipping costs are already included in the price of the boxes, except for the Cash on delivery method, where you will have to pay an additional 2 euros.

At what time does the order arrive?
To be able to confirm when the order will arrive you can call us at this phone: +34 964 58 51 16 the same day of the delivery. There they will confirm you if the package will arrive on the morning or the afternoon. Remember that you have to call on the same of the delivery, because until then the delivery routes of the carriers are not made.

The delivery schedule is often in the morning, but there are some places where the delivery is in the afternoon, because the boxes arrive at last hour.

Can the date and delivery time be arranged?
You can select the day in which you will receive it, but not the delivery time. The delivery time depends on the carrier's route, and this route also depends on multiple factors that cannot be controlled, such as:
traffic jams, delays, not finding the address... As we said in the previous, the deliveries are often in the morning, but it's possible that some kind of delay happens in the carrier's route and the order takes place in the afternoon.
Note: The shipment to Baleares normally take 48-72 hours, meaning you will receive the package two days later.

Can I choose if I want the delivery in the morning or afternoon?
Yes, you can, but only as added information so the carrier can have more information about your delivery. To do so, you only have write it down in the commentary box of the contact form. This will not ensure that the order will be done in the indicated schedule, but it can help the transport Agency to make its delivery route. This route depends on multiple factors that cannot be controlled, such as: traffic jams, delays.. but they will always try to deliver your order in the schedule indicated.
Important: Always have in mind that some places have a premarked that can be only in the morning or afternoon

How should I sign the delivery note?
The best way to sign the delivery note is writing down the DNI and the day of the delivery (hour included). This will help us to control the delivery times of the transport Agency

What happens if after I make an order, the carrirer arrives and there is no one at home?
If the carrier arrives and there is no one at your home, he will leave a note indicating that he tried to deliver the package. In this note you will find the transport Agency phone. When this happens, normally the delivery will be delivered on the next day, unless the customer wants to pick up the package personally.
In these cases, we recommend you to call to this phone number: 902 111 021 cronoexpress where they will help you.
It is also possible that the carrier calls you if you are not at home, and specify a new delivery day.
Important: Even if the oranges are one more day in the delivery proccess, don't worry, as they can endure from 15 to 20 days.

What happens if the delivery is delayed?

To confirm if the delivery will take place or there is some kind of delay, you can contact on this phone: +34 902 111 021. There, they will confirm you if the package is on delivery proccess or if there is some kind of problem with the delivery. If you prefer, you can call us directly: +34 964 585 116 or 638 888 483