Terms and conditions
Is there a minimum kg to order?
The minimal order is 10 kg aprox. Equal for tangerines and for oranges.

How can I make the order?
The order can be requested by telephone or online. If you decide to realize it by phone you can do it through these numbers: 964 585116 or to 638 888 483. If you do it online you can do it refilling a form or sending an e-mail to the following direction: naranjaslatorre@hotmail.com

Is there a schedule to order by phone?
We do not have a established schedule, when we are not in the office we do a call detour and we attend you immediately.

Can I request the periodic mailing of one or several orange boxes?
Of course. The only thing that you have to do is to contact us (phone or e-mail) and to indicate us the regularity of this mailing. We will take note and you will receive the orders in the date that you indicate.