Gathering dates of oranges and tangerines varieties, that you will be able to buy in Naranjas La Torre.


Clemenules Clementines             
Its gathering starts at the end of October until February, depending on the weather. Easy to peel with the hands and without seeds, it's ideal for the entire family, considered the queen of the tangerines.

Naveline is the first variety of oranges of the season, it arrives in the middle of November until January.
Navel from December until February, it's very sweet, ideal to take it as a dessert or orange juice.
Lane-late and Nave-late from February until the end of May, it's characterized for having a thin skin and plenty of juice.


Its gathering in April until May is characterized for its extra sweetness and for having plenty of juice. It's ideal to eat and also for juice, for having plenty of it, its cortex is very thin making neccesary to peel it with a knife. Normally DOESN'T HAVE SEEDS and its shape is flat.