Our land has its beautiful story

Nulera Clementina is born in 1950

The nulera clementina of Naranjas la Torre is an hybrid fruit harvested through two different class of citrus fruits, the tangerine and the bitter orange, from where it comes that characteristic bitterswee flavor, making it unique. In Burriana you can find the zones which offer the clemenules clementine variety, which is probably the tasties variety in the world.

Naranjas La torre presents a selection of the best clemenules in the Valencian Community for your taste buds enjoyment.


Oranges origin :

Its flavor, united to its nutritional wealth and its capacity to prevent multiples ailments, make the orange one of the most eaten fruit in the world. The origin of this fruit is the sweet orange tree, which it was also adapted to the Valencian Community, famous for the quality of ifs oranges, it has its roots in Burriana, that is why we are pioneers in this cultivation by our ancestors since 1860.